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We are starting with Immigration as the theme for the first activation kit. Why?

America needs immigration. We always have. When you look at the tapestry of American history, immigrants from all over the world have persevered through both the most painful and triumphant of our national moments. If you tried to rip out their contributions, you wouldn’t have anything left.

So, what can you do today? How about pre-order your Waking Giants Immigration Activation Kit! That’s a pretty strong step towards showing up in a way that moves you, and the most vulnerable members of our citizenry, towards the country that we need the US to be.

This Waking Giants kit will include an easy-to-use Call to Action guide, a booklet providing historical context for how we got here, beautiful art, and some Waking Giants gifts just for you.

Waking Giants Covers-12.jpg
Waking Giants Covers-09.jpg


We believe that by exploring the historical context to the issues we face today, we’ll find understanding and unlock solutions. We’ll be able to more clearly see the roadmap to engage and affect change. At our events, we’ll provide everything you need to take action and make a real, tangible difference. We can’t wait to get started.